Campbell County,Tennessee High School Teacher and Three Others.

Claiborne County,Tennessee A high school teacher is one of four people facing charges after police say they busted them red handed cooking up meth.

It's being called the largest meth lab busted in the state this year.

Claiborne County,Tennessee Sheriff David Ray says they received an anonymous tip that someone was making the drug at a home on Owen Lane in western Claiborne County,Tennessee near the Campbell County,Tennessee line.

Three officers responded and say they could see the group making meth in plain view through the kitchen window.

The officers arrested Charlisa Monday, Sharon Owen, Jody Phillips, and Stephen Pebley, who is a teacher at Campbell County,Tennessee High School.

Sheriff Ray says the group was cooking up what's called "Red P Meth" which is when the meth makers use red phosphorus as a key ingredient.

He says they called in the Tennessee Meth Task Force cleaned up the scene and took away 12 barrels of materials. You can view pictures of some of the items police seized below.

Sheriff Ray says there were 7 or 8 grams of finished product and a substantial amount of other chemicals ready to be processed.

He says the Meth Task Force tested the produced and says it was the highest level of concentrated liquid you can have prior to cooking.

The task force also said it is the largest meth bust they've cleaned up in the state this year

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