Meth, weapon found during routine license check.

A routine license check by North Branch,Minnasota police officer John Pego on Oct. 3 led to the discovery of a significant amount of methamphetamine, as well as weapons, including a loaded 9mm handgun.

Timothy Lyle White, 46, of Hibbing,Minnasota was at an area gas station when Pego ran his license tabs, which came back as stolen. White also admitted to having no insurance on the vehicle and a subsequent search of his person revealed over 15 grams of methamphetamine, enough to warrant a first degree possession with intent to sell charge.

A search warrant obtained based on information received at the scene led to another startling discovery; a loaded 9mm handgun under the driver�'�''�''s seat.

Other evidence included three sets of license plates, two knives, a glass pipe and small tin, both with evidence of methamphetamine.

White was formally charged with first degree possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, and second degree possession of a controlled substance. According to the Chisago County,Minnasota Attorney�'�''�''s Office, he remains in the county jail.
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