Deputies: Illegal U-Turn Leads To Drug Charges.

Deschutes County,Oregon deputies said an illegal U-turn landed one man in jail on drug charges.

Deputies said they pulled over 21-year-old Richard Faubion at the intersection of Pershall Way and Highway 97 near Redmond around 4 p.m. Saturday afternoon on suspicion of making an illegal U-turn.

Deputies said the officer had probable cause to believe there was a large amount of marijuana inside the vehicle. After conducting a search, the officer found 4 ounces of marijuana and approximately 7.6 grams of methamphetamine, deputies said.

Faubion was taken into custody and charged with possession, manufacture and delivery of marijuana and possession and delivery of meth.

The passenger of the vehicle, identified as 19-year-old Vernon Middleton, was taken into custody on suspicion of identity theft and a probation violation.

Both men have been booked into Deschutes County,Oregon Jail.
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