Meeting on meth problems.

A town hall meeting on the problem of methamphetamine use in Miami County,Kansas is scheduled for later this month.

Christi Cain, state coordinator of the Kansas Methamphetamine Prevention Project. She will talk about the growing problem of use of the illegal drug and offer ways communities can respond.

  • Drug Facts
  • A drawback of sleep medication, such as Ambien is that it will stay in your blood stream. This means thatyou may not feel very "refreshed" the following morning. It can give you a hangover effect.
  • Then usage of sleeping pills may have shortened the lives of the people taking sleeping pills nightly by several years.
  • People who sleep more than 8 hours a night report more insomnia than those who say they sleep 7-8 hours.
  • Deaths from other common causes such as heart disease, cancer, and stroke were also increased among sleeping pill users.
  • It is dangerous to stop taking Ambien abruptly.