BRITISH rocker Pete Doherty, partner of supermodel Kate Moss, has been arrested on suspicion of possessing class A banned drugs.

Though a police spokesman declined to confirm whether Doherty specifically was arrested, he said: "At 2200 hours (7am Sunday AEST) on the 5th (of May), police stopped a vehicle on Kensington High Street,London.

"A 28-year-old male driver was arrested on suspicion of possession of a class A drug. He was taken to a west London,England police station, and later bailed to return in June pending further inquiries."

Doherty was held in the police station overnight.

The troubled Babyshambles frontman, 28, has repeatedly sought treatment for drug addiction in countries including Britain, France and Thailand.

In December he was fined �'770 ($1862) and banned from driving for four months for possessing illegal drugs, including crack cocaine and heroin.
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